Beautify a road or green space and help  make Stafford a cleaner place to live and play!


We invite families, friends, teams, civic organizations, and businesses to register to clean up a neighborhood, roadside, park or trail that is meaningful to you.


FREE collection bags and supplies will be available at Town Hall from 7AM to 9AM on April 27. These special collection bags have been designated specifically for the April 27th cleanup event, which allows for free same-day disposal.

Once you've collected litter and debris from your registered location, collection bags may also be disposed of for free at:

Stafford Town Hall

April 27, 9:000 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

1 Main Street 

Each participant will receive a voucher to the Ice Cream Depot, compliments of the RE/MAX Geryk Team 

(at Town Hall location only)

Town of Stafford Transfer Station

April 27, 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

80 Upper Road

  • The goal is to cleanup as much of the town as possible while raising awareness of the litter problem and improve aesthetics.

  • We are asking our volunteers to pick up any litter or debris that can be easily picked up and placed in the provided trash bags.

  • It is important to note that the bags should be used only to clean up litter and trash -- no household items or yard waste. 

  • Be sure to wear bright-colored clothes and watch out for traffic, if you choose to clean a roadway.

  • Where should I clean?  Please feel free to clean along the road where you live.  You can also volunteer to clean a public park, green space or trail. Please see the map below for locations that have been previously registered.  

  • Kids are encouraged to help, but please keep them safe and off busy roads. Consider cleaning parks and paths instead. If you have a large group - such as a boy or girl scout troop - and would like assistance finding an appropriate location, please call 860-851-8102.

  • If you see a tire or other large item on the side of the road, please report it to 860-331-0243 for pickup. 

  • Register your cleanup site here, or use the form below

Register your cleanup site here, or use the form below

Registered sites are denoted on the Stafford Community-Wide Cleanup Map


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